Higher Study in Finland


Finland is a country that partners both exotic beauty and distinct historic culture, beautiful architecture and a fascinating way of life. Located in Europe, Finland is home to some very exceptional colleges with an array of degree programs. Finland is one of the northernmost nations in the world. Its beautiful landscape and snow-covered peaks are an attractive feature for not just tourists but prospect scholars who wish to study in Finland.

Find is a land with a small population but has diverse people living as one community. Finland welcomes international students with open hands and hearts. A country with a very unique and strong education system provides its students with a strong network for support. Finland’s marvelous education system is always in the news. The country is ranked in the top five for PISA scores, Finns borrow more library books than any other country in the world, and in the “latest Shanghai ranking, [the University of Helsinki was] #56.” The university is working hard to develop strong research and academic reputation but producing top-ranked researchers and instructors which has become a great attraction for international students.

Ranked as the second safest city in the world, the capital of Finland attracts students because of its reputation. Finland institutes are teaching programs in English and offer over 400 programs. The students and the faculty are easy to communicate with and their friendly nature is a pleasantry for international students. In Finland, international students are encouraged to learn their native language and also be a part of the local culture and celebrate it. The country has strong ties with countries like Russia and Scandinavia and shares ferry and train routes with Europe.

And, if world-class education, low crime rates, stunning natural beauty, and easy travel access isn’t enough, then Finland has one more ace up its sleeve. Finland may not have an exclusive claim to the sauna, but no other country in the world knows how to steam the way that Finland does. With more than three million saunas, Finland tops the charts for saunas per capita, and even tiny student flats are likely to feature at least one.

Finland is not just a land of beauty but is highly ranked with its education standards. It is considered to be a paradise for international students who will have a time of their life being part of the Finn society.